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Modular Small Prefab Home Plans by HIVE Modular

modular prefab house design plan
Hive Modular sells some models modern modular homes with an emphasis on excellent architectural design. Small B-Line is a model with a flat roof design tone. This is a 990-square-foot house with six rooms, two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. The price is $ 185/sq ft to build. Cladding of houses is done in the fiber-cement.

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Modern Simple Airy Beach House Decor Renovation Design – p_House by Ras-a

p_House was of the Ras and in Redondo Beach, a city of the Greater Los Angeles beaches. This small post-war home renovation into a modern living and working conditions in nursing homes for young couples. Because of budget constraints and the environment, recycling of the original house as much as possible.

Very Highly Feminine Glamour Bathroom Furniture and Designs for Girls from Delpha

A good-looking bathroom always strikes a unique balance between utility and aesthetics. It is important for a bathroom to have adequate light, storage facilities, standard fixtures and fittings and good ventilation. A bathroom has to pull off all these requirements while still managing to look pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning [...]

Ikea Catalog – Living Room Interior Decorating With Interior and Furniture Sets Design

Ikea Catalog – Living Room Interior Decorating With Interior and Furniture Sets Design

ikea catalog living room furniture set design
We showed a preview of the 2011 IKEA catalog and now it is time for the full version. It can be accessed online, but we will show you some interesting living room interiors decor ideas that can be found here. Last year, we will show you these ideas are [...]

Modern House – Old Victorian House in Southern California – designed by Christopher Megowan Design

Modern house designed by designer Christopher Megowan. Today, this century-old house serves as a dormitory for students from the University of Southern California. Megowan – a student of the University’s School of Architecture bought a house as an investment property, and this addition was built on a modern budget less than $ 130/sq. With the [...]