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Modern Minimalist Space Saving Ocasional Functional Tables – Qui Pro Quo by Bonaldo

modern multicolor functional tables design ideas

Qui pro quo is a set of three different heights side tables that fit together. This device is very practical and flexible. Depending on your needs, you can use it as one of the surface of the table with a pair or individually, to create a useful surface, to tighten things up. Table of metal painted in different colors.

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Contemporary Long Island Underground Cube House Architecture Design by New York Firm

see modern house cube this underground contemporary architecture, Sagaponac House – a 4500-square meter two-volume .- ft. home in a town east of Long Iceland, by the architect Richard Meier, architect of Tsao & McKown in New York was designed. Above the bottom line of this house is a cube, modern and minimalist, this house [...]

Japanese Interior Architecture Design Home of Casa Segrada by Archaeo Architects

Casa Sagrada is a project of the architect in archeology, where they face unique challenges. The family was to create a home in New Mexico on 20 acres of heavily wooded lot. The challenge of building atop a rocky hill is an important factor in the footprint and form. Archaeology inspiration attractive design house of [...]

Christmas Table Layout for Interior House Decorating Design Plans

No one will forget to decorate the Christmas tree, mantle, and the court. While it is easy for the missing Christmas table should be set up. Of course, it is full to eat treats, but the style is always preferable.

Modern Kids Room Furniture Ideas from Dielle

Room design can give a child’s world is a difficult job. Creating a reading room, toys, sports equipment, shoes, clothes, computers, tables and all their imaginations. But because the interior design done by Dielle, task to arrange the room the child becomes much easier and simpler.
This room hosts the creativity. Rooms pink for girls room [...]