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Amazing Round Acrylic Bathtub with Modern Shower Inspiration Design

amazing round acrylic bathtub inspiration design

Soleil’s newest bathtub is designed by Porcelanosa. Has a round shape with a diameter of 170cm and is made from acrylic. This is natural with a coat of white acrylic or maple available with graphite and colored trim the edge of the round steel.

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Antique Elegant Triptych Lighting Design a Tribute to St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow

Adjust the lighting comes from DZstudio elegant and inspired by one of the most important symbols of Moscow, St. Basil’s Cathedral. Keeping the Red Square, a magnificent building has attracted many artists from year to year. His colored dome is absolutely amazing and full of symbols in architecture.

Modern Swedish Plastic House Architecture Design with A Large Balcony by UNIT Arkitektur AB 2.8.10

Plastic House is located on a purely residential area outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. UNIT AB architecture is designed in a separate place of an old house. Although the sea in the vicinity that most people do not see it from a public space where they spend the most time.

Minimalist Bookcase Rack Storage Furniture for Room Divider DNA by Linfa Design

Minimalist Bookcase Rack Storage Furniture for Room Divider DNA by Linfa Design

contemporary bookcase rack storage system design
DNA knots Shelf by Design is one of the pieces of furniture that can serve different purposes at once. Besides being a book that can be used as room dividers. This library is made of bent plywood, beech wood with black steel frame is complete.

Fun Chunky Cheerful Kids Bedroom Design Ideas from Di Liddo & Perego Collection

Room for kids not only serves as a place to sleep but also to play, study, read comics, spend quality time with parents, siblings and friends, listen to music, giving vent to their creative and artistic tendencies and carrying out their fantasies. Spoiling kids with cool interior is a very cool thing parents can do. [...]