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Modern Eco Friendly Rooftop Solar Energy House Architecture Ideas by Urcomante Team

eco friendly rooftop house architecture design

This Eco house design with rooftop solar energy by Tim URCOMANTE European Solar Energy System Decathlon. URCOMANTE roofs and walls are covered with photovoltaics, while the interior of the sun and is very flexible, lighted, with rooms interchangeable. Solar panels on the roof can produce 10 kWh of energy impressive. It also has a vacuum tube water heater.

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Dramatic Landscape House Architecture by Todd Saunders Architect

A small house in the landscape dramatically. From a house that will be different, but similar to that local farms are made of wood and red metal. The house will be free of chemical paint, insulated with recycled newsprint and heated with wood pellets produced in a local factory new. The House will include composting toilets and gray water will be treated in the rest of the system of small reed bed.

reed bed villa mountain architecture design


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Comfortable Wood House – Coastal Cottage Chic in Carmel, California

Design of wooden houses make you feel comfortable, seemed to be in the cool woods, warm. located in Caramel, California by Chicago-based Dirk Denison Architects. Cedar walls, windows made of mahogany wood, stone and glass in abundance for a weekend house that combines modern design and contemporary, yet maintain a strong relationship with nature. [...]

classic home/traditional architecture

New Classic Home Interior Design of New Classicism: The Rebirth of Traditional Architecture

This is the traditional architecture used as the basis in designing Interior part of home. This is the combination of traditional and modern style. This new classic home interior design is presented by Elizabeth M. Dowling in her book entitled “New Classicism: [...]

Amazing Pixilated Bathroom Design Plans Made With Custom Mosaic Tile

De Meza + Architecture + Interior bathroom design is made much more attractive for 2010 San Francisco decorator Showcase. wall drunk that they are made with black and white mosaic tile is more like a work of art than a simple pattern. To make this pattern really complicated Spec Ceramics made 12 “x 12 [...]

Modern Black And White Bathroom Interior Designs Idea by Falper

Falper is the Italian design company bathroom and we found a fabulous collection. If you are looking for creative modern bathroom, should Falper be on the radar.