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Modern Fresh Indoor Plants Layout Decoration for Eco-Friendly Designs

This article is very useful for all who live in big cities, who want to make the room of your house be cleaner air quality. with all the pollutants and gases that are outside the home.


Minimalist and Simple Interior Decorating in Small Apartment Design

This impressive one bedroom apartment covers an area of only 36 square meters, but organized very intelligent. The walls are painted white, which is actually a basic rule to increase the sense of space in a small house. This plan looks pretty attic is quite simple: he has one room plus kitchen, which turns sent… continue reading


Modern House Shaped as a Furniture Set with Stunning View of the Sea

This house is owned by the famous architect Rud Thygesen Danish furniture. Originally built in 1957 but was later expanded into the ocean with a half circle to match the furniture in a series of stunning architectural design dining chairs and circular tables. Home’s interior and exterior even features an extensive collection of art pieces… continue reading