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Modern Minimalist Interior Design For Apartment in Amsterdam by i29 Architects

minimalist dining room in modern apartment
This apartment for a family of four people in a stately building in the south of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was designed by architect I29. The original structure of the home, must with room for staff, a double room and long hallway with many doors have been converted to residential area full of light and air transparency.

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Sustainable Seagrass – Living Room Design Idea from Pottery Barn

Very durable, sustainable and rich in tone variation, seagrass and abaca both ideal for relaxed living spaces such as porch, patio and conservatory. Barn’ve ceramics was to create hand-woven over wooden frames to furniture with the same high quality of its construction as pieces of cloth.

contemporary courtyard house design located in Washington

home design made by Hutchison & Maul Architecture has taken property benefits and drawbacks, and which has made them work in support of this unique design, contemporary design. The Courtyard House is sitting quietly on the long, narrow and steep slope, surrounded by woods and overlooks the harbor. Features of the house plan sites, which [...]

future from Home & Architectural by Trevor Abramson AIA

Following tradition and providing privacy at all costs are no longer architectural imperatives for a new wave of out-of-city residences. Today, design integrity, generous open-plan interiors and crisp material palettes combine with global priorities of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Set Furniture Designs Ideas by Warendorf

Kitchen Collection includes a range of new ideas are now presented from Warendorf, formerly known as Miele kitchen. With four sets of each other as night and day difference, the kitchen is to inspire people to live healthy.