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Modern Luxury House Architecture with Solar Energy System by SPG Architects

In 2005 the architect PAG was approached by our customers to check the entire structure, which he had in the mountains of Luxury Costa Rica Home beaches built model design. Steel construction all but given up and the construction of the concrete slab is back through the jungle, but before the investment in time, material… continue reading


Minimalist Exterior Cube Italian House Architecture Design by Andrea Oliva

Italian Architecture cool cube house designed by Andrea Oliva of Cittaarchitettura is what we call “modern, minimalist,” which like the best. The modern design of a simple cube house through and through, the properties of gray flat in a clear rectangular shape, flat roof lines and a palette of white and neutral walls projecting against… continue reading


Nice Contemporary Exterior Remodeled House Architecture

The hotel is situated on a peninsula south of San Francisco, this house is on a lot of internal flag suburbs. It was built in the 1950s, but recently renovated. A cold pool that existed before man-made thing that adds a sense of holiday retreat in everyday life. This site consists of four buildings –… continue reading


Cornell Silo House Architecture Design by Student of Cornell University

As a compact, modular structure, proving that green building Silo impressive energy-saving things do come in small spaces! This house is mainly composed of three modules cylinder life bedrooms, kitchen and living room around the square yard, shade and supported by a canopy of 40 photovoltaic panels capable of generating eight kilowatts of electricity power.


Eco Home Architecture Concept Design Ideas by Fabi Architects

The need to develop a house that runs on electricity generated by renewable energy generators in places current needs of the individual efforts of eco-liver to save the planet. Working to create affordable housing for the future, architects Fabi has developed a prototype called the house “House of the Future”.