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Modern Large Glass House Architecture Designs with Highlight the Beauties of the Outdoors

simple minimalist style with highlight outdoors design Glass Home by Gareth Hoskins Architects Duncan in a listed walled garden in Fife, Scotland. This can be seen as “glass house” because almost half of the outer wall of the glass. Modern House plan is defined by two thick walls and white contrasts with the existing gray… continue reading


Modern Sloping Site House Dressed in a Metal Wrap by Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects

contemporary house sloped site plan design Jovanovic House is a villa what Lorcan O’Herlihy done under Architects. It is in a very aggressive spill in Crestwood Hills, Los Angeles District. The house was wearing a headscarf, that protects the metal continuously from the sun and other weather conditions.


Contemporary Wood Rustic Style House Design Plans – Upside-down Architecture

Make a regular house plan daily events, Hutchison & Maul architecture have this plan, rural style houses in Seattle, Washington and quiet traditional architecture, the design on its head – literally! Where the general public residence is located on the ground floor of the house, while the upper floor reserved for more private area and… continue reading


Unique Unusual Auto Car House Plan Design – German Architecture

Hot Wheels or Hot house ? The car Voglreiter Residence both! Designed by German architect Markus Voglreiter, this house, Cool Compact near Salzburg, Austria Gnigl is not, as everything we have ever seen, and worth a tour.


Minimalist and Simple Interior Decorating in Small Apartment Design

This impressive one bedroom apartment covers an area of only 36 square meters, but organized very intelligent. The walls are painted white, which is actually a basic rule to increase the sense of space in a small house. This plan looks pretty attic is quite simple: he has one room plus kitchen, which turns sent… continue reading


Amazing Falling Water House Plan One Of The Most Famous Houses In The World Built Over a Waterfall

Houses Fallingwater is the name of a very special home that was built on top of the waterfall. This immediately became famous, and today is a National Historic Landmark. Imagine a house, that does not even appear to stand on solid ground, but extends over a waterfall 30 ‘.