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Ultra Minimalist House Made Of Boxes in Japan

ultra minimalist japanese house architecture designs

Ultra Minimalist House

The house designer from Japan has already made such modern house with stylish and ultra minimalist house design idea. This previous house is called Casa I. It’s made by Yoshichika Takagi from Japan. He had created this ultra minimalist house from boxes which stayed apart but also connected each other.

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New Contemporary Look for Your Warm Cozy Winter House Design

awesome cozy winter house design ideas

A lot of us are dreaming to own this awesome mountain home. The outside building is look like a modern house but the interior design is contemporary, warm, and cozy. The view is full of wood and stone.

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The Nice Retro Style Details Touches of Small Apartment Design Ideas Collection

small bathroom retro touches design ideas

You don’t have to be worry anymore if you just have the small space in your building. You don’t have to be confused to place your all stuff in the small space because this time you will have the ideas from this small but nice apartment. The architects from Minsk have already designed the great atmosphere to this. They are Irina and Anna Sokolov.

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Minimalist and Elegant Royal Dental Clinic Office Decoration Design Ideas

minimalist elegant receptionist interior decor design

minimalist elegant receptionist interior decor design

Royal Dental Dental Office is already visible impression of a modern and minimalist, with purple and white paint makes the nuances of elegance in every corner of the office. Royal Dental is a dental clinic, designed by Stefan Lazar & Adrian Annas located in Pipera, Bucharest, Romania.

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Unusual Minimalist White Apartment Decoration Layout with Creative Blocks

unusual creative white apartment with blocks

unusual creative white apartment with blocks

The idea of this amazing interior decor was designed by French architect Pascal Grasso to white contemporary minimalist apartment in Paris. Using the block architecture to generate views the ceiling with a monochrome background, designers managed to hide devices such as air conditioning, lighting systems, sound and ventilation behind the plaster box mounted on the ceiling.

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Black&White Interior Idea for An Apartment Design

Black & White has become a classic in the world of design color combinations. Stylish and elegant, black and white interiors are also quite quiet and serious. Every room is special in its own way and noteworthy details. But the apartments are not based entirely on black and white theme. Because the touch of color [...]

Space Saving Furniture Concept Design Ideas

Space is a constraint that started hitting us today. With population increases, demand for space is only bound to increase with time. In this post we present some clever space saving furniture that is ideal for small space living.

Stylish Outdoor Lamp Design Ideas for Interior and Exterior Environment

Stylish Outdoor Lamp Design Ideas for Interior and Exterior Environment

Geert Koster, the Dutch designer, has created this outdoor lamp; called as MATE. It is very stylish and modern. It is made of white steel and a usual bulb. It brings the design which is suitable for the interior and exterior.

Pink Color Interior Plans in Apartment Design – Tribeca Lofts

Ghislaine Viñas is an interior designer who really enjoy the color pink and green. Even shows that the web site. Among his works there are two cage designs in Tribeca, New York, the interior is also able to show that. Although the interior is quite neutral they feature some places, where pink accents add life [...]

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