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Unique Contemporary Bathroom Ceramic tile design inspiration by Franco Pecchioli

amazing bathroom with ceramic tile design
Inspired by the water of life, modern bathroom tile shows a new collection of Italian designer Franco Pecchioli that definitely give you some great ideas. To inspire you, we have included many images with exceptional tile design.

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Ultra-luxury modern house in Sydney, Australia – Northbridge

ultra-modern building was designed by Australian architect Alex Popov sitting at the end of a peninsula facing the Middle Harbor. Stunning sea view is framed by four steel-concrete dome homes and 48 columns, which open and attach a contemporary. This luxurious interior design, one-story based on the four domes. The first dome house porch, living [...]

Cedarpark Wood House Architecture Concept Design Idea

The Cedar Park House by Peter Cohan
The Wood House is formed by the interaction of site-cast concrete walls and water-collecting roofs

Creative Elegant White Ceramic Bathroom Accessories Design Plans For Sinks

Creative Elegant White Ceramic Bathroom Accessories Design Plans For Sinks

Ceramic accessories are not only a soap but can also use rolls of paper towels, toothbrush and glass, with handle, stainless steel towel racks, shelves and after a variety of grooming products. These accessories are not removable, because fixed firmly.

The Original Stuff of Modern Stylish Lamps Design Ideas made of Flax and Rubber Materials

The pipes are really soft and have materials from flax and rubber. There is also an ornament that makes the lamps really beautiful and attractive. You can choose several sizes and several colors such like black, white. You can also buy a table lamp, a floor lamp or a wall version. The lamp would look great in any minimalist or other modern interior thanks to its design and minimalist colors.