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Modern Contemporary Barn Style Home Design by Japanese Architecture Firm

barn style home japanese architecture firm

Design Warehouse-style house with a great wood material is a unique workshop / home in Hamamatsu City, Japan’s corporate architecture Yukiharu Suzuki & Associates. This wooden house industrial chic has a “comfortable” twist that makes the work of inspiration and living room.

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Modern and Minimalist Japanese Town House Architecture Design by Ikuyo Nakama

japanese minimalist town house architecture design

MC house with good quality and detailed graphics wood, this house designed by architect Ikuyo Nakama, the home of minimalist Japanese-style house for the town with nice little atrium is designed pages.

This house is filled with minimalist furniture in the living wood.

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Contemporary Interior Architecture Japanese Style Design with Smart Storage

japanese interior architecture design
Much I love Japanese architecture, aesthetics, creativity and vision have influenced the modern Japanese interior design also. The lounge / dining room is an open space with pale walls and floors of nature, creating a well defined line and space without walls.

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Sample Unusual Moebius Residence Architecture Project by Tony Owen Partners

When this project came from Tony Owen and Partners in Sydney, Australia. In view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, a detached home is built with innovative design method called “micro-design,” a sensitive environment.

modern contemporary home designed by Australia’s Wright Architects

This modern contemporary home designed by architect Wright Australia. as an exotic location, steps from the beach Port Douglas. The only thing that rivals this beautiful property is a contemporary design his own house, which subtly influence of water to put in bold concrete, steel and filled with a core of clay bricks. Wood “wave” [...]

The Unique Wave Desk Drawer Furniture Design Ideas by Robert Brou

The ‘Wave table’, designed by Robert Brou with slice techniques”. Wave-table or table for each tower has a folder with a file drawer for storage. A tower has issued a wave of small table with drawers, work on the surface of the withdrawal.

Modern Cool Reading Corner with Bench and Bookshelves Storage Furniture Design

Modern Cool Reading Corner with Bench and Bookshelves Storage Furniture Design

cool reading corner furniture design plans
There are few activities as a relaxing and enjoyable reading. Those who like the two have usually their own special point of reading in bed, where they want to go in the words of a writer who knows what deliciously lost. What you see in the picture below is a [...]

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