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Modern Stainless Kitchen Countertop with Cabinets – Play Kitchens Urban Style

New Salina / kos kitchen from Copat offers you the modern kitchen concept. It’s very suitable for you who life in urban style and has urban concept of home interior design. Dominated by dark chocolate, the kitchen give relax atmosphere. Neat stainless steel handle and kitchen island make it tidy and clean. Simple concept of… continue reading


Modern Wooden Small Space Saving and Eco Friendly Compact Kitchen System Design

space saving compact kitchen system design Frederick Von Ohlen is a Swedish designer who was thinking about the future about small kitchen system. It has a small kitchens that serves to occupy all the features as possible, designed so little space as possible.


Modern White Kitchen Remodeling Interior Design with Pictures or Photo

modern white kitchen cabinets design pictures Although technically not a color white kitchen, the result modern, elegant, luxury of a combination of all colors seem that perfection and completion. This is the neutral of the neutral and easy to cross the line with style and reflect light in a way that visually open the room… continue reading


Modern Custom MAGIKA Kitchen Remodel Interior Design Ideas with Photos from Pedini

Description of the Pedini: Recently launched PEDINI MAGIKA, the latest addition to the distinguished line of Kitchen Designs. In addition to creating high-quality Italian undercounter PEDINI not available for younger customers and cost-conscious, MAGIKA designed to appeal to architects, builders and developers together.


Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Set Furniture Designs Ideas by Warendorf

Kitchen Collection includes a range of new ideas are now presented from Warendorf, formerly known as Miele kitchen. With four sets of each other as night and day difference, the kitchen is to inspire people to live healthy.