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Tres Chic Roses Collections- Modern Feminine Furniture by Vibieffe

It strange to discover that certain achievements, not only designed for a deeply feminine, but also accurate in guessing the tastes and trends of women, are created by men. Not that they are not able or do not have taste, but often that does not have the same sensitivity. This modern feminine furniture collection from… continue reading

Modern Luxury Black Glass Pendant Lamps with Air Purifier Design Ideas

The idea of this pendant lamp is very attractive because it moonlights as a lamp also serves as an air purifier. Experiments as a designer Karim Rashid Azio bring in the forefront is a commendable and rare.


Modern Outdoor Garden Lantern Light Lamp Design Ideas – OCO by Santa & Cole 3.8.10

The OCO Santa & Cole’s latest enterprise solution for managing a warm and bright environment in the garden or courtyard. Thank you for the warm temperature of 2700K, and forms a light table lamp interior reminds one new solution may well help your pleasant outdoor space.


Contemporary Classic Chandeliers Lighting Design Ideas Collection

Chandelier amazing things for the interior decoration. They not only provide light but also beauty. Even a simple chandelier, the core of almost every room and a touch of classic and elegant for that.


Pink Color Decorative Interior In Modern Apartment Design

This design is warm and cozy apartment in downtown Copenhagen designers Laura Terp Hansen. Color to use pink as a dominant player in the interior of the home and stylish and feminine decor. In each room 88 square meter apartment slightly pink. This is not just a pillow, dust and other small objects inside.


White Primitive Furniture Design with Granite Finished

Turin Design Studio to develop appropriate- Nucleo called “primitive series” furniture, which are clearly to be seen as a mild white granite.