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Dramatic Landscape House Architecture by Todd Saunders Architect

A small house in the landscape dramatically. From a house that will be different, but similar to that local farms are made of wood and red metal. The house will be free of chemical paint, insulated with recycled newsprint and heated with wood pellets produced in a local factory new. The House will include composting toilets and gray water will be treated in the rest of the system of small reed bed.

reed bed villa mountain architecture design


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A Beautiful Colorful Interior Design Ideas for A Fun Living Space from IKEA

The designed is filled by various stuffs from IKEA store. Gitte, an artist, used various paint to create a unique look of ordinary objects. There is some chaos in the apartment because she likes to try new things and create interesting changes. Everything is well-organized by using the different storage system. Just share with Gitte, if you want to create a fun and happy living space.

Modern Elegant Contemporary Wash Basin Furniture Design Inspired by Panton Chair – Kalla by Karol

Modern Elegant Contemporary Wash Basin Furniture Design Inspired by Panton Chair – Kalla by Karol

elegant contemporary wash basin furniture design
Panton Chair really give an icon of furniture that can inspire, even for things like a bowl. Marc Sadler was clearly inspired by them when he designed the stage set and the sink to KS Karol Kalla Italian society.

Zaisu Chairs Design Ideas: Classical Stylish Japanese Traditional Dining Furniture in Sitting Style

During the Muromachi period, period of architecture floors were covered in thick straw mats known as “tatami”. The ruling warrior class created strict rules about living daily lives which brought on the sitting posture called “seiza” as it was deemed the respectful way to sit.

luxury beach house – wooden

architecture with a hint of the beach was in vogue, because it provides the natural feel of extraordinary. combined with the model home is open, the more attractive to set up. built with a sloping ground, supported by five pillars, surrounded ini.Di style pavilion on deck, outdoor entertaining area offers stunning views in all [...]