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Prefabricated Timber Energy Producing Houses Architectural design – by IAAC, Fab Lab House

wooden prefab energy solar houses timber design

Power House, which grew in numbers, and with rising energy costs and growing concern for the environment, we can see why. But the house by a mixture of Fab Lab IAAC sustainable features, comfort and aesthetics are remarkable, so that three of three with a number of us! This off-grid home, actually produces more energy than it consumes – structures using easily accessible materials designed to be applied everywhere in the world.

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Modern Minimalist Interior Design For Apartment in Amsterdam by i29 Architects

minimalist dining room in modern apartment
This apartment for a family of four people in a stately building in the south of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was designed by architect I29. The original structure of the home, must with room for staff, a double room and long hallway with many doors have been converted to residential area full of light and air transparency.

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Contemporary Home Architecture Design Lot 23 House by Juan Esteban Correa

Construction of the joint assembly continue to increase hot season. Looks like a rat race unchallenged to exhaust a long journey that is unique or very hour passed with most plans, is not it? Express by crossing intelligent appropriate volume with strange and beautiful landscapes, engineers time, these environmental problems in Colombia. Juan Esteban Correa [...]

Minimalist Interior Ideas in Modern Apartment Design by Garcia Tamjidi

Apartment minimalist interior design is as much as 2500 square feet apartment on Nob Hill California in San Francisco. This apartment has a spacious interior view of the Pacific-Union Club, Grace Cathedral and the Masonic Center and has plans for a gallery-like, that as natural light and open period provides ample space for a collection [...]

Unique Eco Home Garden Architecture Design Ark by Zed Factory

Ark of the Garden should be available in kit form and easily assembled from natural materials like FSC-certified wood, soil and grass. Users are able to plant his garden on the roof to match the environment.

Modern House Plan with Progressive Architecture Timber and Stone Two-homes-in-one Design

Timber design style house progressive architecture was designed by the architecture of the slovenian company known for its progressive Superform architecture, furniture and interior design, has delivered on all of these expectations (and then some!) With the progressive design wooden houses in the city Ljubno ob Savinji, approximately 70 kilometers from the Slovenian capital of [...]