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Fresh Outdoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas from Eckersley Garden Architecture

custom swimming pool renovation design ideas

Today we decided to show a sense of the beautiful swimming pool design from Eckersley garden architecture. This is an Australian company that specializes in possession of garden design. Hopefully these photos will give some great design ideas for your own project behind the pool.

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Mexican House Contemporary Architecture

The house was designed by Contemporary Architects Agraz. a design house with many layers to it, and covered with an aura of minimalist Zen for life. This modern house to find a good balance between indoor and outdoor in the family room, public spaces and private. Simple geometric exterior make way for a minimalist interior [...]

Modern Office Interior Design Solutions Ideas by Rottet Studio

You have an office? and confused interior designing and managing to look elegant and luxurious in the presence of the client. following we provide articles that inspire and suitable for those of you who are designing your office space. Rottet Studio have Designed for the office interiors Artist Capital Management in San Francisco.

Artist Studio Atelier Camp Architecture by Reinhard Haverkamp

A studio for artists Reinhard Haverkamp. This studio consists of a large room as a workspace and a suite called Office Space. Windows Studio are positioned so that the room receives a variety of light and shadow all day. The studio will be built in larch with a red stripe around the folding edges.

Modern Elegant Black & White Kitchen Set Furniture Design by Futura Cucine

In recent years, the kitchen is changing, because we are more demanding of our time and have become less to spend on cooking. Many of us are in motion, always busy to find time-saving method.