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The Original Stuff of Modern Stylish Lamps Design Ideas made of Flax and Rubber Materials

The pipes are really soft and have materials from flax and rubber. There is also an ornament that makes the lamps really beautiful and attractive. You can choose several sizes and several colors such like black, white. You can also buy a table lamp, a floor lamp or a wall version. The lamp would look great in any minimalist or other modern interior thanks to its design and minimalist colors.


Beautiful Upholstered Lamp Light Fixtures Sofa Inspired Design Ideas designed by DZstudio

upholstered lamp sofa inspired design ideas “Clamp” is a beautiful light lamp fixtures veneer of Enrico and Andrea Di Filippo Zanollo DZstudio an Italian company designs. The project is inspired by the famous Chesterfield Sofa. We liked the version of “lighting design of the sofa and we think he did a great job in terms… continue reading


Contemporary Brown Villa House with Large Glass Batches at The Forest Edge 2.8.10

Nielsen Villa designed by Willa Nordic. Situated on the edge of a forest and has a large glass batch, not just a natural part awesome views from the interior of the house but is also a right to see the magnificent. Dramatic exterior also features a spacious terrace, which helps as far as possible to… continue reading