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Modern Contemporary House Architecture Filled with Natural Light and Black & White Exterior

contemporary house with black and white exterior
This house is Candamo contemporary, Spanish and designed by the architect OmasC. This relatively new and was built in 2009. Rural site provides a parking space close enough to home that are placed by a stone slab on the ground connected. The house consists of two pieces are connected together and a day and a night zone.

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Modern Cool Reading Corner with Bench and Bookshelves Storage Furniture Design

Modern Cool Reading Corner with Bench and Bookshelves Storage Furniture Design

cool reading corner furniture design plans
There are few activities as a relaxing and enjoyable reading. Those who like the two have usually their own special point of reading in bed, where they want to go in the words of a writer who knows what deliciously lost. What you see in the picture below is [...]

Unique Tetris Shelf Furniture Design Idea by Diego Silverio and Helder Filipov

Tetris is one of the classic games of all time and phenomenal. Two decades later, continue to interest and hype. Tetris popular so that the two artists, Diego Silverio and Helder Filipov, has an epic and modern furniture Tetrimino famous model created.

Modern Colorful Sink Resin Decks and Basin Collection by Neo-Metro

Neo-Metro is a company that bath with the face of contemporary classical and industry, among others, deck resin colors is decorated. Erb-concepts are various wall console with a deck of resins and resin counter tops and stainless steel frame.

Comfort Modern SPA Room Interior With Curved Wood Stripes Design

It is a sign of MTM Spa Shanghai. Design emphasis on leisure and extreme comfort. Office space in the spa through the elements of nature integrated. This is a sense of chic, creating comfortable and quiet. The Spa is a wood curved lines that extend from the main entrance of each room spa treatments. [...]