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Modern Unique McBride’s Experimental House Design in Hawthorn

experimental house design in hawthron
McBride Charles Ryan is an Australian home-design company, specializing in the majority of experimental design. Your other projects, Klein Bottle House mathematical experiment, if the house trying to create an atmosphere dominated at home with no unnecessary parts. By selectively removing part of the globe, there is an inner sense of being inside and surrounded by gardens. Shell Ball also offers a beautiful interior in the first floor.


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Exotic luxury house – Concept House in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Exotic house designed by the architectural firm behind the panama house, named MK27 Studio provides an open concept in exotic house in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Open concept makes this modern house becomes stale. There are three floors that make this house a home brazil contemporary, by providing a broad interior windows in the wild, and [...]

Comfortable Open Concept Interior Decoration Layout Designs in Seattle

Comfortable Open Concept Interior Decoration Layout Designs in Seattle

Located in Seattle, designed by Jill Lewis and Lane Williams from Coop 15 Architecture has been redecorated house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The interior on the main floor is made with an open concept, cozy living room that was originally extended bedroom. New lighting, piping equipment, cabinets and finishes throughout.

Fullcolor Interior Room designed by Lars Contzen’s “contzentrade showroom” in Hanau

Interior design full of color suitable for young children and the children. Designed by German designer Lars Contzen’s “contzentrade showroom” in Hanau, Germany has a new style. In large wall materials, wallpaper, laminated glass and exposed to interested architects and interior designers who can make the room look Fullcolor.

Modern Temporary House Architecture of Sheldon Avenue House in London

Sheldon Avenue home is located on the plot a long, relatively narrow width in overtime Heath Conservation Area Highgate, London. The project was completed in 2003 by architects Belsize. structure of the contemporary home in nature, but the context surrounding the integration by existing forms. The design is reminiscent of a series of cells organized [...]