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Bubble Sofa – The Unique Haute Couture Collection by Versace Design Inspiration

ultra-contemporary minimalism foam sofa cushions

Known for its haute couture collections, Versace has already begun to launch its own furniture line, which has raised a lot of eyebrows. Like its clothing collections, Versace is taking furniture one step beyond. And talk about “dressed to impress” – your living room will turn heads with this chic Versace Bubble Sofa strutting its stuff.


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Minimalist Lounge FOSSA Sofa Corner Seat Designs Ideas

minimalist lounge sofa corner design ideas

Longe, living room sofa, corner sofa is minimalist and functional furniture that you mean. Cushion element can be found on the sidelines between the sofa, furniture can be included such as magazines, books, mp3.

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Modern Interior Design Ideas Living Room as a Place to Entertain Togetherness

interior design modern living room entertainment place

Living room design pictures of the most popular for the entertainment of guests and the inspiration for decorating a living room. Living room design presented here is relaxed and entertaining reference material for your home interior. Wonderful living room design works perfectly with comfortable modern sofas to receive guests and enjoy a television program together. Minimalist living room interior design as well as for large space available here. Decor living room with sofa corner, sofa and sofa half circle round the furniture of choice.


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Modern Unique Oval Table Lamp Furniture Design Ideas

With a wild design that changed the lighting on the sides, and with an aura, beautiful voices, this high-end modern furniture that really rocks. Linen shade surrounds a solid by the designer of modern furniture with a translucent accent that provides a lightweight, colorful life.

The Residential Architecture Monterey Residence located in Monterey

Residential architecture Monterey Residence is located in Monterey, California hacienda interpret traditional architecture to create a contemporary design centered around the courtyard. Customers privacy, the desire to see the sea and the aesthetic and performance requirements of hard disk of residence of the organization.

Modern Elegant Master Zip Beds Suite Frame Furniture Design Ideas Picture

Modern Elegant Master Zip Beds Suite Frame Furniture Design Ideas Picture

modern zip bed zipz suite furniture design
The Zip bed is a bed design which gives a very interesting feature of the new normal bed, which would certainly be very useful when it comes to make the bed every morning. Bed’s an overview with a zipper that the floor is finished around them part of a [...]

Modern Complete Bathroom Furniture Set System and Versatile Modular

Via Veneto of Falper is a full bathroom furniture system is very flexible and modular. On-Top, bottom-up and built-in sink, four types of buttons, width 21, 3 heights and 3 standard depth, curved elements and changes in depth, and many other things you completely personalize your bathroom.

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