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The Beautiful Amazing Stockholm Loft Design Ideas Collection with 16 Feet Ceilings

We can see here the all four directions and it’s blasted in sun from glorious windows besides the loft. This amazing loft is made from the high quality materials and appliances. In this area, the open and very spacious ling is really fantastic with wood burning fire place which is being made from the custom built bookshelf that emphasizes the height and shape of the ceiling and separate dining area.


Elegant White Plains Loft Small Apartment Interior Decorating Inspiring Design

elegant white plains apartment decorating design However, this white elegant apartment a great job to do. As you can see, this loft is not exactly call what might be the common and ordinary. Not only that, but it has a clear personality that can be easily captured, all the wonderful guests. This modern small apartment… continue reading


Contemporary Loft Design Rivals Spectacular Apartment Open Concept San Fransisco View

It is difficult to say where the best view of contemporary views of the prairie / Carr Apartments in San Francisco, California. Designed by architect Craig Steely, was the renovation from the point of high-rise loft awesome offers the best of all worlds.


Elegance Loft Living Room Design Ideas With Television Cabinets

With a superb location gives us the best of both worlds-best room design, especially living room. furniture and materials that you can for luxurious yet relaxed lifestyle accessible. This allows each section in the living moment of reflection. And what’s better?


Modern and Minimalist Small Loft Design Apartment in London

The 1118 sqm fantastic loft, where the dominant white and completely redesigned to put together an attractive, high spec space ideal for entertaining, get West London and not like the others we see the spread of the most popular.


Contemporary Modern Loft Living Australian Architecture Design – oriented strand board charm!

Living in this modern loft should be fun! Australian architectural firm Edwards Moore designed this extension, loft contemporary cool in Fitzroy, Melbourne that can only be described as shabby-chic. Throughout, one quick look and you’ll understand why it’s called Cubby House – a collection of built-in shelves and cubby unit offers many styles of storage… continue reading