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Minimalist Lounge FOSSA Sofa Corner Seat Designs Ideas

minimalist lounge sofa corner design ideas

Longe, living room sofa, corner sofa is minimalist and functional furniture that you mean. Cushion element can be found on the sidelines between the sofa, furniture can be included such as magazines, books, mp3.

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Modern Black And White Bathroom Interior Designs Idea by Falper

Falper is the Italian design company bathroom and we found a fabulous collection. If you are looking for creative modern bathroom, should Falper be on the radar.

Modern House – Old Victorian House in Southern California – designed by Christopher Megowan Design

Modern house designed by designer Christopher Megowan. Today, this century-old house serves as a dormitory for students from the University of Southern California. Megowan – a student of the University’s School of Architecture bought a house as an investment property, and this addition was built on a modern budget less than $ 130/sq. With the [...]

Notting Hill Contemporary House Interior

Our clients asked us to carve a seamless, contemporary living space out of a traditional terraced house in Notting Hill. Our solution was a whole-scale refurbishment that married their modern design ideals with the existing architecture to create an elegant and exciting home/work/entertain environment. The well-balanced use of natural and man-made materials creates a tactile [...]

Bathroom Ceramic Wall Futuristic Creative Decorations for Future Display

Bathroom ceramic wall decorations creative with beautiful and easy care. Tile bathroom walls with a choice of white or shiny black to give the bathroom decor is clean and beautiful. Nursing bathroom walls and cabinets are designed with a creative design for a future bathroom. Bathroom ceramic wall tile ideas with diamond or circle each [...]