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Simple, Elegant And Sophisticated Interior Layout Condominium Design 3.8.10

simple and clean terrace interior design ideas

Beirut Residence is a spacious house in , Marina Towers, Beirut, Lebanon. This was by Joe Serrin studio decorated in simple, clean and stylishly sophisticated. There are many unique objects used in the interior.

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Luxury ACBC Office Interior Architecture Design by Pascal Arquitectos

amazing modern secretary room design
Modern interior design office provided a mixture of natural materials such as marble, wood, glass angrily contrasting colors, stainless steel and iron, creating a balanced composition of colors and textures, and a combination of modern and warm.

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Contemporary Interior Architecture Design of Norwich Residence by Clive Wilkinson Architects

The house was designed by and for architects in many inner cities in West Hollywood, California. In an effort to reduce the house to a set of important ideas, responding to existing conditions began to set the pattern for home.

Best Luxury Villa Rental in France

fertile mountain scenery and beaches that stretch far in the legs, making the stamp villa O Ferrat in the south-eastern France, deserve to be where the rental equivalent of five-star comfort. Perch overlooking the water, hillside villa is 5 star level terrace and are designed with large glass area to take in the stunning panorama. [...]

Prefabricated Timber Energy Producing Houses Architectural design – by IAAC, Fab Lab House

Power House, which grew in numbers, and with rising energy costs and growing concern for the environment, we can see why. But the house by a mixture of Fab Lab IAAC sustainable features, comfort and aesthetics are remarkable, so that three of three with a number of us! This off-grid home, actually produces more energy [...]

Modern Timber Wood Home Design Ideas – Cool Wood Addition

Trojan home by Australian architects Jackson Clements Burrows is a beautiful wood design modern house located in Howthorn, Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by the Trojan horse of Virgil’s epic tale, this epic Australia each home design is wearing a bark that unites all parts of the individual.