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Unusual Minimalist White Apartment Decoration Layout with Creative Blocks

The idea of this amazing interior decor was designed by French architect Pascal Grasso to white contemporary minimalist apartment in Paris. Using the block architecture to generate views the ceiling with a monochrome background, designers managed to hide devices such as air conditioning, lighting systems, sound and ventilation behind the plaster box mounted on the… continue reading

Modern Luxurious Extremely Dark Apartment Interiors Decorating Design Plans

This 94 square meters apartment is part of a couple with two children and lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an open area for dining, cooking and spending time together. Everything is in dark tones, but with plenty of recessed lighting.


Extremely Colors Beach House Decorating Paint Design Style Ideas

extremely colorful beach house decorating style The beach house is something that will help remind me of the days of the hippies can. All rooms are extremely colorful and there is even one that is adorned with the singing of the song is. Although the time of the hippies are away from home for long… continue reading


Elegant White Plains Loft Small Apartment Interior Decorating Inspiring Design

elegant white plains apartment decorating design However, this white elegant apartment a great job to do. As you can see, this loft is not exactly call what might be the common and ordinary. Not only that, but it has a clear personality that can be easily captured, all the wonderful guests. This modern small apartment… continue reading


Modern Simple Red Small Home Architecture for Inspiration Smart Design in Germany

red small home with smart design ideas Jacob Bader has completed the architectural design of this house is small, but very clever in Unterfoehring, Munich, Germany. Despite some “green” technologies such as geothermal heat pumps and ventilation systems of air, “House V” is not an ongoing project, but as a low maintenance cost chip.


Elegant Interior Layout in 80m² Small Space Design an Inspiring Small Crib

elegant interior layout in small space design Our constant search for solutions on the inside cover small house usually pays big time. “My life in the living room of 80m ² is an intelligent housing project is to show that the size of a cot can not offer comfort and good design has to do…. continue reading

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