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Dramatic Landscape House Architecture by Todd Saunders Architect

A small house in the landscape dramatically. From a house that will be different, but similar to that local farms are made of wood and red metal. The house will be free of chemical paint, insulated with recycled newsprint and heated with wood pellets produced in a local factory new. The House will include composting toilets and gray water will be treated in the rest of the system of small reed bed.

reed bed villa mountain architecture design


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office interior design creations of cardboard

Making the office decor is not always expensive, but the creative will become more attractive and less expensive. Companies that are in Amsterdam has given a lot of media attention because of the uniqueness of the interior design of their offices. What makes that unique is the interior made of cardboard. Fiodr Sumkin, an [...]

Contemporary Italian Living Room Interior Design Ideas From Alf Da Fre

The living room is very important in every home, by the choice of a suitable design for your living room you can create a pleasant place to hang with family or friends.

Modern Iconic Kids Lounge Chair and Table Furniture Design Ideas Look Good and Stylish

Modern Iconic Kids Lounge Chair and Table Furniture Design Ideas Look Good and Stylish

modern iconic ball chair furniture design ideas
You want to help their children understand the concept of high-quality furniture for kids? If so, you can buy tables and chairs little nest wonderful.

Lo Rider – The Eye Catching Modern Unique Coco Twig Furniture by Snug Ideas

Designed by Clayton Tugunon for Snug, this coco twig furniture collection by Snug is inspired by sun-soaked beaches and lazy afternoons. Clayton’s wonderful childhood memories are an important source of inspiration. He tries to express the spontaneity of play in his designs and relishes the dichotomy of bold pieces in soft silhouettes.