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Modern Black Modular House Architectural Houses by A-Cero

modular glossy black house architecture design
If you think modular homes are ugly then A-Cero can prove wrong. Company modern and minimalist house design and modular homes is no exception. They look very modern in the outside thanks to a glossy black casing and inside black and white.

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Luxury Modern Home Design With Contemporary Interior Furniture Design Ideas

This luxurious house has five bedrooms, five baths and a house designed by HGTV, Kelly Deck. It has a modern contemporary interior inspired by the natural surroundings and the exterior is in clear grain cedar and local blue stone.

Glamour Stunning Interior Design Plans Ideas by Alessandro Prodan’s work

When we first saw the work of Alessandro Prodan, we thought we would never be surprised at what artists CG capable. But the creators of the following picture just to prove us wrong. Hail visualization Russia CG specialist Anton Valiev who has created this led to drop pretty dead.

curved roof house designed by architect Adrian James with eco-friendly technologies

Wooden houses with curved roof was designed by architect Adrian James in Piddington, Oxfordshire in England. So ordinary house features an innovative structural steel frame, topped by a distinctive curved roof of the wooden molds that stretched all the way to the ground. This includes all timber roof creates the characteristic view from the outside, [...]

Unique Custom Sofa Chair Furniture was created by Dutch Designer

Unique Custom Sofa Chair Furniture was created by Dutch Designer

Unique chair custom variations unique form created by Dutch designer Erik Griffioen. Clever Dutch designers exhibiting unique sofa chair. Red and white sofa that is named Coucho and Growl Chair design. Couch and chair design convertible sofa upholstered with wooden support that has been painted white and give comfort in sitting. Couch sofa chair custom [...]