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The Sensamare Complete Contemporary Bathroom Set with Natural Touch from Hoesch

Contemporary furniture designs come in space saver varieties; functional ones making us of all the available such as vanity sink cabinet, bathroom caddie with shelves, bathroom organizers with a basket for storage and shelves for display and may be towel racks too. Wicker bathroom furniture and rattan furniture are strong, durable, light, airy and have… continue reading

Modern Exclusive Elegant Square Dining Table Chromed or Lacquered Frame

designed by Studio Batoni Italian furniture company, drop a minimalist style dining table. The original table design is a characteristic of contemporary with a laser-cut perforations beautiful, different colors and finishing options.


Modern Large Glass House Architecture Designs with Highlight the Beauties of the Outdoors

simple minimalist style with highlight outdoors design Glass Home by Gareth Hoskins Architects Duncan in a listed walled garden in Fife, Scotland. This can be seen as “glass house” because almost half of the outer wall of the glass. Modern House plan is defined by two thick walls and white contrasts with the existing gray… continue reading


Contemporary Concrete Outdoor Grill Combined With Table and Canopy

Kinzo grill is designed from the concrete product of the best examples of how design can inspire the creation of modern furniture. The modern outdoor grill offers not only straight lines, simple shapes and minimalist style, but also made of materials typically used in contemporary housing.


Modern Elegant Bathroom Set with White Interior Design – SensareMare from Hoesch

SensaMare bathroom is one product more Hoesch, who had served in 2009 ish in Frankfurt. Refers to the bathroom has a shower, tub and sink. It is for people who are active, as a comfortable and modern furniture designed. If you’re one of them, you should check it out.


Modern Minimalist Bedroom Collection Furniture Ideas For Interior Design from Bed Habits

Every interior design project in the bedroom should be well before they do something as simple as moving the bed can cause a lot of sleep tonight and problems on the road. The same can be one bedroom, one set of sheets, new blankets and maybe some new curtains to be done and you have… continue reading

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