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Casual and contemporary Black Cube Beach House Design SheOak by Base Architecture

casual and comfortable black beach housecasual and comfortable black beach house

Sheoak House, from basic architecture, in Kingscliff, New South Wales, Australia developed. The black box in many water is decorated with an informal style, casual, comfortable and friendly. House 350 sqm held in a mixture of wood, steel and concrete. It is resistant to conditions such as wind and salt and sunshine.

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Prefabricated Timber Energy Producing Houses Architectural design – by IAAC, Fab Lab House

wooden prefab energy solar houses timber design

Power House, which grew in numbers, and with rising energy costs and growing concern for the environment, we can see why. But the house by a mixture of Fab Lab IAAC sustainable features, comfort and aesthetics are remarkable, so that three of three with a number of us! This off-grid home, actually produces more energy than it consumes – structures using easily accessible materials designed to be applied everywhere in the world.

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Modern Decorating Home Blended Design with Surrounding Woods by u+b Architects

modern beach house with swimming pool

This is a classic contemporary style house renovation at the ranch house in the 1950s for the couple and their two children. It is was surrounded by a lonely forest, and a new cladding chosen to deal with the shadows around the tree trunk mixture. Windows was designed to maximize the views of all the natural surroundings.

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Luxury ACBC Office Interior Architecture Design by Pascal Arquitectos

amazing modern secretary room design
Modern interior design office provided a mixture of natural materials such as marble, wood, glass angrily contrasting colors, stainless steel and iron, creating a balanced composition of colors and textures, and a combination of modern and warm.

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Minimalist and Modern Interior Design Inspiration In Sweden Small Apartment

modern apartment living room design inspiration

A modern Sweden apartment, is the surface area of 61 square meters remarkable examples of how you can space the court. Sweden has this feature flat 10 square meters roof terrace, which not only beautiful scenery around the roof, but also offers a comfortable place to relax. Apart from Sweden apartment with a hidden storage room, where all the pillows and etc.

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Natural Nice River House by MCK Architects- Stunning Architecture and Beautiful Views

Because of architectural plans, the views of the fantastic place: water, palm trees and luxurious vegetation are some of the elements visible. The interior is designed to leave nothing to chance and no compromises are made in creating a modern interior and dreamy. This dream home comes from MCK Architects, a team from Sydney, Australia. [...]

Creative Modern Outdoor Table and Bench Furniture Seat Design

Here is a table design that can be very useful to help to plan a picnic could. Table Hopper and Seat has Extremis, a Belgian company specialized in outdoor furniture. It is an original product look with a simple but very exciting.

Contemporary Wooden Home Architecture Design, a Comfortable Way to Escape 2.8.10

Located in the Czech Republic, a modern wooden house was built by the architect Prodesi | Domesi serve as a getaway for the customer. And what a way to escape! The modern wooden house in a beautiful natural environment and built a quiet, close to rivers.

Modern Stone House Architecture In Forest – Bosvilla Soest by Zecc Architecten

Soest Bosvilla by Zecc Architecten in the woods designed Soest, Netherlands. They are done as a separate house with a forest road in a modern material that looks like natural stone. There are also many details of the wood with stone anchor the house to the ground and connect them with their jaws together in [...]