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GB Modern Brazilian House, Abode of Unique Architecture in Brazil by MMEB architects 1.8.10

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GB House is a bold architectural design of the architect in Brazil MMEB completed. 531.00 m², is impressed, this modern hotel not only in size but also in the unique architecture. Corner wall of the unexpected and spectacular outer corner of the house to look like this attractive.

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Contemporary Modern Irregularly Shaped Houses Designed by Rockefeller Partners Architects

Modern house shaped house was designed by the Rockefeller Partners Architects on many generous 10,000 square meters. The house also has irregular shape and is divided into two wings to maximize the view and reduce the mass. Thanks to such forms and lots of glass almost every room in the house connected [...]

The Unique Wave Desk Drawer Furniture Design Ideas by Robert Brou

The ‘Wave table’, designed by Robert Brou with slice techniques”. Wave-table or table for each tower has a folder with a file drawer for storage. A tower has issued a wave of small table with drawers, work on the surface of the withdrawal.

Modern Smart House And Interior Design Of Future From Eureka TV Series

Sarah is a “Smart Home” in Sci Fi TV show Eureka. The fourth season of the series was begun recently and of course the house of Sheriff Jack Carter, the protagonist of the series, has shown in all of the new series was. Smart Home offers many services to residents and guests, all of us [...]

DNA Structures – An Amazing Woodworking Inspiration for Dining Table Ideas

It was named as James Watson, the American scientist who was famous for discovering the helical structure of DNA. This table is made of a wood and carbon composite. These materials will make this design very durable and great. The design is quite minimalist. It is also a part of the great collection of the designer.