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Modern Hanging Pendant Lamps for Informal Beautiful Room Decor

Hanging Lamp offers a modern suspension lighting to illuminate the room spaces of your home. Hanging pendant lamp modern lighting design lighting solutions attractive room. Hanging lamp shades color design adorns the living room or lounge of your home. UV light bulbs used in the lampshade. Simply highlight pendant lighting modern decor of the room…. continue reading


Modern Contemporary Japanese Wooden House Architecture Firm Design

japanese wooden architecture firms design We love this wooden Japanese house Wakura by Seiichi Kubo, Yoshinobu Kagiyama mines and Muratsuji Japanese architecture firm designed Archivi Architects & Associates. Like the exterior, clad in wood (it is primarily from local Japanese cedar and cypress written in Japanese) is too much dominated by the natural wood interior.


Modern Contemporary Lights Panton Chair Furniture Renovation Design by Chris Bosse

elegant light chair furniture design plans Chris Bosse of the LAVA architecture firm, has prepared a major renovation of the famous Panton Chair for the 1967 exhibition “Re-like” in the Power House Museum. Form amazing lights Chair is an icon in the perspective of the digital revolution 30th This is a unique form of the… continue reading


Contemporary Modern Living Room Decorating Designs Ideas With Contrast Color

Here is an article about modern contemporary living room with sofa contrast wall paint color from black and gray. accessorize with some white side table and tall floor lamp black, red spot (or Bordeaux) carpet in front of the couch and voila … You have a very dramatic and inviting guest room design. Shown in… continue reading