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Dramatic Landscape House Architecture by Todd Saunders Architect

A small house in the landscape dramatically. From a house that will be different, but similar to that local farms are made of wood and red metal. The house will be free of chemical paint, insulated with recycled newsprint and heated with wood pellets produced in a local factory new. The House will include composting toilets and gray water will be treated in the rest of the system of small reed bed.

reed bed villa mountain architecture design


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Prefab and Sustainable Design by Architect Daniel Libeskind

Unique house designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. Mold “and” sustainable “are couples who go together like salt and pepper. Luasny House this Innovative 515m2, two floors with a basement is not a luxury villa on extra frugality, boasting four bedrooms, hidden behind a mirror TV in four bathrooms, Jacuzzi and sauna, fireplace, aluminum-framed balcony, [...]

Modern Contemporary Indoor and Outdoor Residence Decor Architect Design Ideas

Modern Contemporary Indoor and Outdoor Residence Decor Architect Design Ideas

modern contemporary indoor outdoor residence design
We received photos of the house, Roha contemporary residence designed by the architects of MN, this house with a total area of 406 square meters and is located in Puebla, is a description of the architect Mexico.h us “The term is derived from the customer to home as a [...]

The Materials Component Designing Modern Secret Space Safe House Architecture Design

The facade of this house contains a secret word for shiny glass ceiling, hidden from sight. It is a secret place with plenty of space and open attitude, beautiful. solid shell leather provides protection from the elements, complete with a bridge. There is already a fence around the dark gray layer, which raises the [...]

New Contemporary Look for Your Warm Cozy Winter House Design

Wood elements are chosen as the interior design so that it can make the space so cozy. Floors, stairs, and some furniture are made of timber. The interior design of this home is so contemporary but not so rustic as many other similar mountain homes.