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Contemporary Sleek Yet Natural Wood Furniture Outdoor Bench Design Ideas by Nico Yektai

contemporary wood furniture outdoor bench design ideas

This modern bench designed by Nico Yektai outside. This is part of a series of bank material properties similar to all natural and sleek design. Thank you for the use of stainless steel brackets again this bank has a comfortable and safe swimmers. Cast concrete legs serves as a visual for the back and armrests anchor.

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Contemporary Minimalist White Wavy Shelves Designs Ideas for Partition Divider Room

Contemporary Minimalist White Wavy Shelves Designs Ideas for Partition Divider Room

Wavy elegant and modern shelf was designed by Sang Hoon Kim, based in New York. This furniture can be used as a separator room and also to place your favorite books and accessories that can make your interior a unique and elegant, the design of the shelf is made unique with minimalist and white colors [...]

Interior Design Residential Architecture Petrovic by Bojan Simic Architecture

Willsmere Kew’s. In addition reference is contextual with the proportion of the original emphasis placed symmetrically at the center as a part time corridor that connects the symbolic beginning of the century to the early 2oth with 21 new works century.The add this central spine with two story atrium glass roof which attract the eye [...]

Minimalist Indoor Garden Plants Layout Design for Natural and Fresh

Indoor Plants or plant in the room can be used to beautify the corner of our home space, to make it look more natural and fresh. Color selection of plants and equipment is important so the room will become more alive. So how to integrate plant and equipment?

Contemporary Classic Chandeliers Lighting Design Ideas Collection

Chandelier amazing things for the interior decoration. They not only provide light but also beauty. Even a simple chandelier, the core of almost every room and a touch of classic and elegant for that.