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Amazing Round Acrylic Bathtub with Modern Shower Inspiration Design

amazing round acrylic bathtub inspiration design

Soleil’s newest bathtub is designed by Porcelanosa. Has a round shape with a diameter of 170cm and is made from acrylic. This is natural with a coat of white acrylic or maple available with graphite and colored trim the edge of the round steel.

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Single Glamour Chaise Lounge Chairs Hollywood Style Furniture

Single Glamour Chaise Lounge Chairs Hollywood Style Furniture

Sleep and lazy chair looks simple but elegant, with purple skin color and material with rich mahogany, this makes ergonomic chairs to sit on it, the impression of luxury with elegant purple size of 170 with 78 to 82 cm.

Elegant Decorating Bathroom Furniture Remodeling For Inspiration

There are four types of storage solutions, you can select units, complete set, cabinets and accessories. Firstly, the device is a simple way to make the cabinet under your bowl, and remove the need for the stool in the bathroom. Products may have a high wall that you want, or use a floor-mounted pedestal legs [...]

Interior Architecture Design Ideas by West Chin Architect

It has also reserved Interior Design Architecture visible with the beauty of simplicity is a design architect West Chin and his team. The rooms are spacious and functional with a touch of special decoration and simple that gives pleasure to the senses. full spatial light are well organized and brings a modern adobe like it [...]

interior design for an apartment in Manhattan, New York – designed by by Stefan Boublil

The room interior combining 3 or more to one apartment in New York who is one of the most desirable cities. address in the city center, makes a wonderful place to live and be in the metropolitan tower 61 floors. Each room interior with detailed attention, starting from design sofa arrangement, secret design door in [...]