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Contemporary Architecture Design of House 6 in Sao Paulo by Marcio Kogan

contemporary architecture design of house
Brilliant Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan to create a beautiful home in Sao Paulo, Brazil called home 6 House Marcio finished sixth after the family asked for an external casing, which can be used in everyday life. Marcio was forced to resurrect the idea of a traditional porch Building 6, where the porch is more open space, which once started the garden and swimming pool.

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Twofold House In Black Stained Wood by Saunders Architecture

twofold house architecture design plans
Architectural house is two-fold by Saunders Architecture will be built in one of Bergen’s most interesting sites. The house looks out over the southern fjords and islands West coast. The house is twofold. The top floor is for parents and the bottom for their two children are students.

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celebrity – Britney Spears New Home worth $ 8.9 million

House for 45 crore rupees or dollars worth of $ 8.9 million initerletak in LA, USA. Luxury homes covering 7500 square feet, there is a swimming pool, spa, three garages, 10 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, bars, cinemas, and libraries. The value of this house is relatively cheap for Hollywood celebrities and pop queen. we include [...]

Modern Beautiful Contemporary Private Village with Modern Design Complements

Meadowview home is a bold architectural project Platform 5 Architects and is in Bedfordshire, England. This is a contemporary family home which is for some pensioners in a quiet village. to create around the area of agriculture, the designer house was inspired to a project based on a simple linear forms, not dramatic or [...]

Modern Black Modular House Architectural Houses by A-Cero

If you think modular homes are ugly then A-Cero can prove wrong. Company modern and minimalist house design and modular homes is no exception. They look very modern in the outside thanks to a glossy black casing and inside black and white.

Modern Wooden And Glass House Architecture Design

This modern design home architecture made of glass and wood as raw material for the design of this house in the form of a long model of a swimming pool makes the house look beautiful architecture.