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Minimalist Modern Yet Monolithic Sideboard System Inspiration Design Ideas Nuf by Performa

creative sideboard system inspiration design ideas

Nuf is not a new product of the power than a hint rack system. Although the buffet is very creative, which deserves to be mentioned. As a hint, was designed by Udo Schill. The system is flexible, but in a monolithic design. It has a curved grooves in the surface embedded, allowing the modules to slide smoothly and quietly to each other.

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Modern Redondo Beach House Architecture Design by Tighe Architecture

This house is 3000 square meters is located in beautiful Redondo Beach. Having one small part of the floor in front with two-story expanse of glass on glass back.Walls open to the internal open space. Scale component of the environment is maintained with a single story on the road.

Modern Narrow Lot Mountain Hillside Vertical Swiss Houses Plan

Check out this cool multi-family site plan small house in the historic castle town of Regensberg, in the eastern foothills of the Jura mountains in the Swiss Alps. designed on a hill, this house by architect L3P long and slender, measuring only nine feet wide. The villa make a statement, vertical, increased both from inside [...]

Minimalist Luxury Home Design With Mini Bar of Sandhills Road House by Fearon Hay Architects

Minimalist luxury architectural design of Sandhills Road House, designed by architects Fearon Hay, this luxurious house in a minimalist style architecture located in Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. If you want to get ideas for home architecture architects tell us how to design a house minimalist style.

Trendy Box House Architecture Ideas Design by Marià Castelló Martinez

Beautiful architectural design of the 12 × 12 square meters of simple houses with a modern minimalist design, the Spanish island of Formentera. Designed by Maria Martinez Castello himself a shelter, the modern and minimalist house sitting between existing woods and a traditional old stone wall.