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Simple Functional Furniture Chair, Light & Table All In One Comes to the Bedroom

helios chair light and table furniture ideashelios chair light and table furniture ideas

Helios Chairman in the photo below is not only a simple chair. It hides the lighting and the ability to act as a table every time is required. Helios concept is a type of furniture you need a small space. It has a simple design that fit with the rest of your bedroom furniture. Personally, I’d probably use it as a table and desk lamp and a chair.

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Spectacular Residence Interior Design Architecture with Photo

luxury exterior villa design plan idea

Residence converted spectacular waterfront next to the tranquil gardens. Beautifully constructed and modified in a beautiful & re-by Paul Fedusiak of “House Goldwood designed and Susan Parker’s”Parker house designs, offers breathtaking scenery and the residence full of beautiful coastline with natural surroundings.

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Modern Villa Interior Design Inspiration With Photo Designed by renowned architect Russell Hollingsworth!

dramatic living room interior inspiration photo

Waterfront created this stunning contemporary residence, for the best offer to live in West Coast. Settings magic! The hotel is located on a quiet beach community and is gated by towering cedar trees, stones and rocks about 300 ’surrounded by water. This beautiful residence built to develop the demanding standards, and the period of three years. Designed by renowned architect Russell Hollingsworth!

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The Minimalist Rincon Bates Town REsidence Architecture Design , a Maze of Contemporary Living 1.8.10

Here is a modern house, in line with the trends of contemporary life and at the same time retain some unique design elements. The Bates House’s Rincon Studio27 Architecture, is located on Capitol Hill, Washington DC. After our lives are perfect in the residential area built by the famous, right? Interior design from scratch [...]

Modern Colorful Sink Resin Decks and Basin Collection by Neo-Metro

Neo-Metro is a company that bath with the face of contemporary classical and industry, among others, deck resin colors is decorated. Erb-concepts are various wall console with a deck of resins and resin counter tops and stainless steel frame.

Luxury Glamour Interior Architecture Design 910 Project Penthouse Suite Interior Decor by Smith Designs

Penthouse Suite Suite serves as a screen to personal development before you buy a condo recently. 3300 square feet plus a penthouse floor space is nearly the same size deck is designed for professional couples who want to entertain.

Luxury Home Design In The Heart of Sao Paulo

This luxury home was designed and built by architecture Bernardes Jacobsen personal swallowed with a beautiful green garden and soothe your senses take you into a thick atmosphere like the Amazon jungle. Many uses of glass, marble and white wood ensures natural lighting and many houses that blend seamlessly with ingkungannya. Located in the [...]

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