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New Concept Design of Simple Minimalist Square Bathtub Inspiration for Modern Bathroom by Colacril

walk in bathtubs minimalist square furniture

However, it is not as easy as you think to get that perfect bathtub for your bathroom. It is only when you go for a bathtub hunt that you realize that there are more things to know than choosing the best color for your bathtub. There are quite a number of bathroom tubs available in the market, that you will be at sea choosing the best for your bathroom. Other than, the style and looks there are various other factors that need consideration like the material used, depth, and above all the function of the bathtub. Colacril has presented a new bathtub which is a part of design project – Atmospere by Romano Adolini.


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Modern Timber Wood Home Design Ideas – Cool Wood Addition

Trojan home by Australian architects Jackson Clements Burrows is a beautiful wood design modern house located in Howthorn, Melbourne, Australia. Inspired by the Trojan horse of Virgil’s epic tale, this epic Australia each home design is wearing a bark that unites all parts of the individual.

Luxury Interior Design Plans Gallery Home by Claire Ownby

Each house can be more enjoyable with the proper application to basic methods of interior design. Art and accessories can really do wonderful things for the house interior is beautiful and it is an illustrative example. The interior of the luxury home has been decorated with the perfect use of oriental art, and tribe [...]

The Laidley House Design by Zack | de Vito Architecture

Modern house covering 3000 square meters was designed by Jack Zack and Lise de Vito designed and modern open plan that takes advantage of a broad view and the San Francisco Bay. Options means unique panelized framing house assembled on site within 3 1 / 2 weeks. The house consists of three cubic bathroom [...]

Contemporary Zig-Zag Singapore House Decorating Design Ideas With a Planted Roof

Lien Residence is a modern house in Singapore, which are designed Ministry by the Singapore Department of Design Studio. This is a building, floor bungalows with a kind of zig-zag shape.