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The Unusual High-Tech Fascinating Bathtub with Built-in Light from Hoesch Collection

minimalist futuristic high tech bathtub lighting

Acrylic is the most popular and most used material for any bathtub. It is quite inexpensive, light, and easy to work with. The next popular ones are the cast iron ones. Though they are heavier, they are more durable. Fiberglass tubs are also ‘in’ as they are really cheap and have similar qualities that of an acrylic bathtub. Porcelain on steel is another option that can be considered which is reasonably priced and fairly light. An attractive look is offered by the cultured marble bathtubs, which are priced between acrylic and cast iron. Wooden bathtubs and tubs made of ceramic tiles were in demand before the arrival of the newer generation of bathtubs.


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Modern Bridge Design Interior for Inspiration Idea

modern bridge interior house architecture
A walk after dinner and go your own indoor bridges: perfect for a romantic indoor pool in the heart. Bear your soul to your loved one in a dream area for recreation and entertainment by Ceramiche Ricchetti are modern and nostalgic.

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Luxury Residential For Living Inspiration Design in Apartments

apartment interior architecture design plan
Houses and luxury apartments, many with advanced features. A large open living area and incredible views of the lake and the mountains are more than outstanding. Floor to ceiling double glazed windows, the smooth integration of indoor-outdoor flow, open to large balconies and stunning designs by a new apartment on the same level.

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Wieler Modular Home – wooden house – Designed by Resolution 4 Architecture

wooden houses Designed by Resolution 4 Architecture is located in Pittsboro in Chatham County, North Carolina is taking a modular home to be happy height, from its origin at the production line to its destination of thousands of preserved acres of federal land Jordan Lake. A unique design elements that offer natural influence of a [...]

Modern Italian Leather Sectional Sofa Comfortable Furniture Renava Collection

Modern Italian Leather Sectional Sofa Comfortable Furniture Renava Collection

Modern leather sectional sofa collection Renava with stylish design called the “Polaris contemporary leather sectional sofa.” Leather sectional sofas offer a variety of colors designed to add a collection of living room decor. Design features leather sectionals have armrests and headrests. Leather sectional sofa in the corner there is a leather sectional set sleeper sofa. [...]

Modern Small Portable Home Sauna Plans Design for Detoxifying the Body

After a hard day’s work a nice sit in a sauna at home can do wonders to the body of impurities and detoxify the pressure to work. After one of these in his house is a luxury, but really just the race to the gym or spa. This device is Fitness Shop and has a [...]

Contemporary Stylish Sofa Seat Levitating above Books Designs Ideas

Contemporary Stylish Sofa Seat Levitating above Books Designs Ideas

The following is an interesting article about furniture for the reading corner. created and designed by Younes Duret designer, sofa ramsa consists of modern sofa that looks floating above a mini bookshelf. Design of multifunction, and practical because the people who read books do not have to stand to get a favorite book.