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Modern and Minimalist Loft Living Designs with White Finished Walls in Como, Italy

minimalist loft interior design como italy photo

Creative people of JM commissioned architecture, to renovate an apartment in Como, Italy – and in fact they have been doing excellent work. The biggest concern is to keep the original shape and the skin intact, still brings a sense of minimalist living Space Invaders.

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Fresh Outdoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas from Eckersley Garden Architecture

custom swimming pool renovation design ideas

Today we decided to show a sense of the beautiful swimming pool design from Eckersley garden architecture. This is an Australian company that specializes in possession of garden design. Hopefully these photos will give some great design ideas for your own project behind the pool.

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Kids Bedroom Decorations Furniture Sets Design Ideas from Zalf rocks!

Children’s room is an interesting thing to be reviewed. Creation Zalf is smart retro color combinations and patterns contemporary with clean lines. This makes full use of the wall of storage cabinets to house-type, which creates additional living space below, which are needed in small places. Functional wall with tables and shelves provide homework heaven, while just across the wall of windows, which allows for daydreaming possibilities. Charcoal carpet is a feature of the runway and walked away to create warmth in the room that combines practical, easy to maintain, quality and style.
kids bedroom decorations furniture sets design


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Artist Studio Atelier Camp Architecture by Reinhard Haverkamp

A studio for artists Reinhard Haverkamp. This studio consists of a large room as a workspace and a suite called Office Space. Windows Studio are positioned so that the room receives a variety of light and shadow all day. The studio will be built in larch with a red stripe around the folding edges.

Amazing Stone Prefab Home Architectural Design with Infinity Swimming Pool

Amazing Stone Prefab Home Architectural Design with Infinity Swimming Pool

awesome exterior prefab house architectural design
Find this remarkable house designed by Spanish architect Ramon Esteve and combines contemporary living with the freedom of an apartment. Some exterior walls completed an impressive rock, probably inspired by the beauty of the landscape around the building. Areas of outdoor recreation as well defined, and you will see a [...]

Modern Surrounding Garden Terrace Design Ideas by Amir Schlezinger

Terrace and garden of Amir Schlezinger as an extension of the interior of the house outside London designed. Both garden and roof terrace serves excellent shape. The Bank is a repetition of the indoor fireplace, while hardwoods can change the line on the floor.

Beautiful Bayview House by Gartner Trovato Architects

The house is located on 1200 m2 block of land with a significant fall from the road. The shape of the building takes the form of topography and land forms, he has a slim trail to allow ventilation and solar access to the entire room house keeping Pittwater views from every room. The site is [...]