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Modular Small Prefab Home Plans by HIVE Modular

modular prefab house design plan
Hive Modular sells some models modern modular homes with an emphasis on excellent architectural design. Small B-Line is a model with a flat roof design tone. This is a 990-square-foot house with six rooms, two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. The price is $ 185/sq ft to build. Cladding of houses is done in the fiber-cement.

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Nature Eco Concept Green Furniture Set Design into Your Lifestyle

It would be nice, a house that reminds you of spring in every step have? So here is the idea of step one: Furnibloom created by landscape and Dagny Bjarnadóttir architects actually a series of furniture made of glass.

Modern White Dream House with Open Concept by Affonso Risi Architects

Modern White Dream House with Open Concept by Affonso Risi Architects

This contemporary dream home located at Rua Alabadra architectural firm that designed by Brazilian architect Affonso Risi Architects. On the ground floor is raised 1 meter higher than the road surface, there is access, garages, studios and work areas. At this level, there is also a small pond. from the road surface is also smaller [...]

Modern Home Architecture Plans with Outdoor Swimming Pool Design

A swimming pool can make a big impact on how the house looks and feels. In this case, it seems that not to live a swimming pool accessory, but the focus of the whole place. This amazing house called Casa Devoto and created by the design team of Andrés RemyArchitects.

Contemporary Luxury House Designs for Indoor/Outdoor Living in Shiny California

Evans Residence by bittonidesign studio is one of the houses are located in California glossy coating over the city. Remodel the house is mid-century modern house truly contemporary building with contemporary interiors. Indoor / outdoor living quite common in this area, but not connected to the landscape are more connected to the sky. This area [...]