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Minimalist White Concrete Home Decorating Architecture Design CS House by Pitagoras Arquitectos

luxury white concrete house architecture designluxury white concrete house architecture design

CS house by the architects of Pythagoras is a beautiful modern concrete three-storey house in Portugal. The house offers mostly of white concrete and wooden porch include some amazing. Organized vice versa. The second floor is on the road and features of the entry and garage.

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Modern Black And White Flat Interior Design with Furniture

minimalist black and white stairs design
This is a flat design with a spacious 95 square meter apartment, followed by French architecture and design studio designed the Ecole. Flat Face Design Eglise Saint-Gervais, on the one hand, and the Hôtel de Ville de Paris, on the other side.

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Modern Unique Open Spaces Concept ARchitecture Building Design for Mariehøj Cultural Center

Young Danish company, we and Sophus Soby architects architecture building was the first prize for their participation in the competition for the cultural center of the city Rudersdahl excellent Danish.

Modern White Kitchen Remodeling Interior Design with Pictures or Photo

Modern White Kitchen Remodeling Interior Design with Pictures or Photo

modern white kitchen cabinets design pictures
Although technically not a color white kitchen, the result modern, elegant, luxury of a combination of all colors seem that perfection and completion. This is the neutral of the neutral and easy to cross the line with style and reflect light in a way that visually open the room like [...]

Modern Living Room Collection Design Ideas From Rona Landman

A comfortable living room is the most important thing in the house, because people would be stay in the living room. Interior and Furniture must be observed. Rona Landman is an interior design firm from New York who worked to leave anything to chance.

The Residential Architecture Monterey Residence located in Monterey

Residential architecture Monterey Residence is located in Monterey, California hacienda interpret traditional architecture to create a contemporary design centered around the courtyard. Customers privacy, the desire to see the sea and the aesthetic and performance requirements of hard disk of residence of the organization.