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Modern Wooden Small Space Saving and Eco Friendly Compact Kitchen System Design

space saving compact kitchen system designspace saving compact kitchen system design

Frederick Von Ohlen is a Swedish designer who was thinking about the future about small kitchen system. It has a small kitchens that serves to occupy all the features as possible, designed so little space as possible.

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The Modern Small House Remodeling Design Ideas with Functional Area

modern small house remodeling design ideas

This house is a typical example of Buenos Aires type housing by the pop-ARQ designed. The houses are stacked in a variety of very long and narrow. This is connected with a corridor. This unit is in the middle of a condo with no direct connection with the road. This house has two bedrooms.

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Inspiration – The Unique Contemporary Home Design Made with Recycle Material

recycled material home architecture design gallery

It houses a unique recycling. This house consists of waste and recycled materials. Driftwood Fence rickety bridge, the cattle bones beside the house leads. Texture material is made by hand. Caps and bottles, old newspapers, waste wood and recycled metal colors highlight the pattern of the ceiling in disguise.

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3d House Architecture Model Design Of Camelback by GRAFT Architects

Views of a city from the suburbs of many decorated with cookie cutter or a ranch house surrounded by a Victorian white picket fence and called to mind a perfect little world is turned on by movies like Edward Scissorhands to Money or The Truman Show.

Beach T-house designed by Pete Bossley

Okitu house designed by Pete Bossley is located in the dream. The beauty of this beach is located on a ridge above the east coast with views of Poverty Bay right round to Tatapouri Point in New Zealand. This beach house also has a shaded outdoor area sheltered from the east and the east wind, [...]

Top 5 Plan Ideas Home Gym Collection Design With Tips And Pictures

If you are health conscious, the most important thing in the arrangement of the house is a gym room, which can provide an attractive investment. collection of photographs below we provide for you who want to add a gym for a workout room.

Inspirational Cool And Modern Teen Room Decorating Design Ideas

Rooms are attractive teenager, stylish and funky very desirable for adolescents. The best teen rooms can never stop growing. As a teenager himself who changed from a child to adult, his room must also reflect the changing needs and demands. And that is what emits the pictures below; lot of space and a whole lot [...]

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