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Casas del Sol – The Modern Comfortable Furniture of a Tropic Villa Design Collection

You will love the style of the house; it looks gorgeous like a VIP resort. The colors are neutral and the furniture is modern and very comfortable. The characteristic feature of this villa is a unique combination of modern interior with the local exotic. The chairs and table are also made of the local solid wood. Jalousie everywhere hides the owners from the redundant sun.

Modern and Awesome Relaxing Bathroom Decorating Designs Ideas

Relaxation can be enjoyed up to the bathrooms, to release the pressure. Our bathroom design inspiration, whether in the form of bath or decorative objects inspired decor and display attractive, bathroom design in this article could make the relaxation in your body.


Unique Polyhedron Habitable, Relaxation and Ingenious House Architecture Design Ideas

Polyhedron is a space is occupied by a small residual captive Colombian architect Manuel Villa in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Owner wants to close cradles a miniature of his court, where parents and their children can spend time in silence. “Geometry busy” to provide refuge and shelter, but also as a holiday.


The Open Concept Interior Decoration Spaces Playful Office Design

This is a fun project for the Office of Telecommunications in Thailand. These changes in the workplace in a playground. The building is to encourage creativity and dynamism to the conventional standards of care, relaxation and concentration. Hassell has the task of building a new DVLA won.


Elegant Beautiful Beach House Architecture Maroubra Residence in Australia

Designed by Eddie Kenda developed by Halemist, this beautiful house comes from the “Corporate Architecture” and is in the North Maroubra, Australia. Given location is the beach, the view from the apartments are very unusual, which is also a central feature of the building. The first floor houses the living room, bedroom on the ground… continue reading


Amazing Interior Design For Bathhroom Plan Ideas from Kaldewei

Ideas of modern bathroom design inspiration from Kaldewei shows how far the company’s vision. So different, yet each so luxurious. Furthermore, Kaldewei focuses on relaxation effects built-in color LED lights in the whirlpool tub. Tub, modern rectangle has a stone finish blends into the wall itself. An interesting panel also slated to continue at around… continue reading