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Beautiful Remodeling Residence House Architecture Design by A-cero Architects

beautiful remodeling residence house architecture design

This beautiful house, which is from A-Cero Architects have been developed. The house looks beautiful lake and parkland in the neighborhood generally scattered. The structure consists of two games on the volume of the rectangle. Porches and pergolas as volumetric elements, such as housing, which can give a personality to the front.

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Modern Swedish Plastic House Architecture Design with A Large Balcony by UNIT Arkitektur AB 2.8.10

swedish house architecture design with large balcony

Plastic House is located on a purely residential area outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. UNIT AB architecture is designed in a separate place of an old house. Although the sea in the vicinity that most people do not see it from a public space where they spend the most time.

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The Minimalist Rincon Bates Town REsidence Architecture Design , a Maze of Contemporary Living 1.8.10

minimalist town residence exterior design inspiration

Here is a modern house, in line with the trends of contemporary life and at the same time retain some unique design elements. The Bates House’s Rincon Studio27 Architecture, is located on Capitol Hill, Washington DC. After our lives are perfect in the residential area built by the famous, right? Interior design from scratch is an old house, the creation of open space and focus on the connection to the outside and natural ventilation.

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Stone Home Design Showcases architecture

House with stone for penggarapannya model, with a view of the mountain resembles a magnificent job, towering. basal exterior features. Lakeside residence is the best architecture of the famous british architect columbia.Chan Fook Weng who creates this luxury home design in layers, from the wooded front yard, into a large arched gate glass, trees and [...]

The Luxury T-House by Marc Topilsky

The lot is 750 Meters Sq. On it are two single family house sharing a central courtyard and pool. Structure: All vertical structure (columns) are steel except the west wall which is sheer concrete – 12 meters high – to resist earthquakes. The house, having no walls on the east side works structurally as a [...]

Modern Tropical Dream House Design Plans in Maui by Pete Bossley Architects

Dream house in the Tropical Climate is a dream of people who want a luxury home design and natural. This house in Maui, Hawaii is one of the houses. Having a large open plan in which the indoor area connected to the outer areas as much as possible. Thank you for taking advantage of sea [...]

Modern E House Architecture Design By Agraz Arquitectos

E House designed by Agraz Architectos collaborates with many performers. This modern house belonging to the family Viramontes Espinosa, who wanted a suitable place in the environment and also the challenge of difficult areas. Designed with an unusual triangular shape, the house was not only the realization of a dynamic and impressive skyline outside [...]

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