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Minimalist Two-way Door Design – Ergon by Venetian Celegon

cool two way door design idea

The space is a premium in modern homes and a small studio apartment, one that can even square feet make a big difference. Therefore, the ultra-modern and uber-cool door Ergon Celegon rototranslating Venetian Venice as cool and chic innovations.

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Simple And Modern Interior Design Architecture House by Agraz Architect Mexico

Luxury House Interior Design, located in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico has a modern design and attractive and designed by Agraz Arquitectos. This entry Interior Design House has been decorated by a work of art in steel called the family. Living room, kitchen, dining room and a large terrace, combine to create a space incredible feeling. marble [...]

Blue Black Victorian Monochrome Duplex Renovation Home Design by Envelope A+D

Blue Black Victorian Monochrome Duplex Renovation Home Design by Envelope A+D

black renovation victorian home architecture design
two rooms with a superimposed series of black phones typical rooms – – in San Francisco Noe Valley Clipper Street Residence was transformed by the Victoria AD duplex flaps. After rehabilitation seems to have been visited by the grace with Space Invaders outside monochrome blue and black.

Cubic House Design – in South Germany

Elegant white house, designed by architect Marcus Kaestle, Michel Andreas Roeder Ocker and European architecture firms to design houses C18 cubic Architect for what could be the most sense of all – designer jewelry. Located in the southern German city of Wissgoldingen, this 2043-sq .- ft, cubic home design is very simple. Behind the romantic, [...]

The Big Glass Black Appearance Building Remodeling Design Ideas

This is glass, which successfully re-brand of Port Macquarie is a major regional conference, arts and musical performances by the players. It was designed by Tonkin Zoelaikha Greer. Viewers of this building is a V-shaped timber in the back. They refuse to have a sound and shape of the hole covered with a cloth to [...]