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Classical and Beautiful Farmhouse Design by Penelope Bianchi in Santa Barbara

This Provencal farmhouse located in Santa Barbara was designed by Penelope Bianchi. The house was built 15 years ago but the design looks like suitable for some generations. The 18th century design inspires Bianchi to do her best; that is furnishing her house.

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The Unusual High-Tech Fascinating Bathtub with Built-in Light from Hoesch Collection

Acrylic is the most popular and most used material for any bathtub. It is quite inexpensive, light, and easy to work with. The next popular ones are the cast iron ones. Though they are heavier, they are more durable. Fiberglass tubs are also ‘in’ as they are really cheap and have similar qualities that of [...]

Modern Limited Edition Pixelize Bed for Digital Dreaming by Spanish designer, Cristian Zuzunaga 1.8.10

Here is an unusual bed limited edition pixelize your living space. Spanish designer, Cristian Zuzunaga to speed come with luxury beds and pixelated to the purchase at a price of $ 58.430 (€ 45,000) at year-end 2010 available. While this is a great idea and can be a highly original addition to any bedroom, this [...]

Unique Bubbles Box for Micro Hotel Concept Model Architectural Design Ideas

bubble boxes small apartments architecture design
You always have to fly to the next destination and the hotel after booking a hotel? And if there are different ways to relax between flights, such as the right to micro-hotel at the airport? The hotel micro bubbles in the image below at home, while his occasional and it [...]

Modern Stylish Vase with Features a Flat Magnifying Glass that acts Like Picture Frame

Modern Stylish Vase with Features a Flat Magnifying Glass that acts Like Picture Frame

modern stylish vase with magnifying glass design
She always wanted to bee seen with the flowers without seeing a digital SLR camera with a macro lens imagination? Big Bloom is a smart pot Cottage Industries, which does not permit this, but can also help to show in a similar way, those who visit your home. The [...]