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Great Indoor-Outdoor Juranda House Diverse Design and Architecture in Brasil

exterior brasil juranda house architecture designexterior brasil juranda house architecture design

Holbrook House has Apiacás architects and is located in Vila Beatriz, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The residence has 150 square meters and is an interesting point of view of comfort, traditional design and economics. Architects try to develop the budget to a minimum and to ensure the connection of the inside / outside, so that the building as transparent as possible.

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Contemporary Architecture Design of House 6 in Sao Paulo by Marcio Kogan

contemporary architecture design of house
Brilliant Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan to create a beautiful home in Sao Paulo, Brazil called home 6 House Marcio finished sixth after the family asked for an external casing, which can be used in everyday life. Marcio was forced to resurrect the idea of a traditional porch Building 6, where the porch is more open space, which once started the garden and swimming pool.

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Cornell Silo House Architecture Design by Student of Cornell University

As a compact, modular structure, proving that green building Silo impressive energy-saving things do come in small spaces! This house is mainly composed of three modules cylinder life bedrooms, kitchen and living room around the square yard, shade and supported by a canopy of 40 photovoltaic panels capable of generating eight kilowatts of electricity [...]

Luxury White Wood Bedroom Furniture Set Decorating

Luxury bedroom decoration chest, jewelry chest and white broad leaf bed height to the back while sitting on the mattress. White bedroom furniture-style luxury with Epoch style furniture decorated. The bed-quality luxury furniture such as table decor elegant evening with a touch of varnish and wood veneer color original.

The Amazing Innovative Malibu House – Airplane Transformed Minimizing The Materials

It is a plan of 747 pensioners, the impressive house in Malibu. The wings and stabilizers of the tail is used as the master of the roof of the hall. Make a roof of an Art Studio, regardless of the length of 50 meters in the first division. Housing: The roof is built from [...]

Modern Residential Architecture in Germany

architect of modern housing built in Ludwigsburg, Germany with a touch of contemporary style homes. This house originally built in 1984, then by a modern architect Jurgen Mayer H, revised and updated “twisted” into a futuristic look of this beautiful villa. According to the architect, “The new building echoes the” family archeology “by duplication [...]