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Twofold House In Black Stained Wood by Saunders Architecture

twofold house architecture design plans
Architectural house is two-fold by Saunders Architecture will be built in one of Bergen’s most interesting sites. The house looks out over the southern fjords and islands West coast. The house is twofold. The top floor is for parents and the bottom for their two children are students.

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Summer House Aaland Architecture Design Plans by Architects Todd Saunders & Tommie Wilhelmsen

summer house aaland architecture design

This house is taking shape a sustainable, long, folding wooden structure that combines all the functions of the house. Here we create clear that the current structure of the folding top, bottom, top and bottom.

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Small House Architecture Design by Todd Saunders Architect in Norway

traditional wood house design architecture

The brief for this project is to design a 30m2 extension who clearly will be different from the traditional house smaller. To get the most out of space, we designed an open kitchen with a glass against the views of Bergen, bicycle storage under 25m2, 25m2 and a terrace on the roof. Clients achieve a large amount of space for small sites. extension will be painted entirely red.


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Ultra-luxury modern house in Sydney, Australia – Northbridge

ultra-modern building was designed by Australian architect Alex Popov sitting at the end of a peninsula facing the Middle Harbor. Stunning sea view is framed by four steel-concrete dome homes and 48 columns, which open and attach a contemporary. This luxurious interior design, one-story based on the four domes. The first dome house porch, [...]

Modern House Shaped as a Furniture Set with Stunning View of the Sea

This house is owned by the famous architect Rud Thygesen Danish furniture. Originally built in 1957 but was later expanded into the ocean with a half circle to match the furniture in a series of stunning architectural design dining chairs and circular tables. Home’s interior and exterior even features an extensive collection of art [...]

Modern Elegant Leather Bed Floating in Air, Dylan Furniture Design Ideas

Modern Elegant Leather Bed Floating in Air, Dylan Furniture Design Ideas

modern elegant bed furniture design ideas
If you are looking for bed furniture that can get so much attention and looks good, then look leather Dylan Modern room looking for fantastic piece of furniture that was created by Andrea Lucatello for Cattelan Italia.

Luxury Glass and Stone Home – Coastal House Design by Swiss Fine Line

Luxury homes designed by architectural design of Swiss Fine Line to create a stunning beach house to frame a view of making the award. Rich dark finished wood floors contrast with the clean contemporary neutral palette, and yet eclectic minimalist interior. Outside the area invites entertaining live from the inside out. Set along [...]

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