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Contemporary Architecture Design of House 6 in Sao Paulo by Marcio Kogan

contemporary architecture design of house
Brilliant Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan to create a beautiful home in Sao Paulo, Brazil called home 6 House Marcio finished sixth after the family asked for an external casing, which can be used in everyday life. Marcio was forced to resurrect the idea of a traditional porch Building 6, where the porch is more open space, which once started the garden and swimming pool.

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modern residence in New Delhi, India designed by Morphogenesis

The house was designed by the morphogenesis have comfort in life when living in the house. Lifestyle in India along with the global era of internet and media is more advanced. And sometimes, lolal resources contrary to the shift in lifestyle. The house will create their own areas, which really oasis. Page spacious courtyard [...]

Modern and Cool Ensanche Flat Interior Design by Miel Architects

The change from the flat space SANTPERE47 read from Barcelona Ensanche generally flat end of the 19th Century, the succession of isolated and disconnected the courtroom. Ensanche apartments.

Elegant Decorating Bathroom Furniture Remodeling For Inspiration

There are four types of storage solutions, you can select units, complete set, cabinets and accessories. Firstly, the device is a simple way to make the cabinet under your bowl, and remove the need for the stool in the bathroom. Products may have a high wall that you want, or use a floor-mounted pedestal [...]

The Modern Elegant Family Home Remodeling Design by Enoki

This is a beautiful and unique design of Enoch. This house Hahndorf in South Australia. This is an elegant space in which classical and contemporary styles to meet. Brick, wood and rich textures Cumulus Drop 25 to get the whole elegant and unique setting. When you visit this site, you can get the best [...]