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Luxury Green Farmhouse Home Plans Architecture Firm Design

luxury green farmhouse home plans design

Australian architect Richard Cole Architecture has designed Bluff Farm House in the tradition of a quiet country house with a modern touch. Located in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia, this idea of a contemporary ranch house came in response to strong pastoral appeal of the site – a hill, the grass is awesome meandering river and the valley.

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Classic and Modern, Living Room Furniture and Interior Collection Design Ideas

what about your family room? there still mediocre? we provide a fitting article for those of you who want to decorate your living room or family, with a variety of styles from classic to modern. I hope this article makes your inspiration in making your guest room design.

3d House Architecture Model Design Of Camelback by GRAFT Architects

Views of a city from the suburbs of many decorated with cookie cutter or a ranch house surrounded by a Victorian white picket fence and called to mind a perfect little world is turned on by movies like Edward Scissorhands to Money or The Truman Show.

Contemporary Staircase Bookshelves Storage Solution for Small Home Furniture

Your prayers have been answered during storage, especially if you live in a small house or apartment. The storage solution is a vertical plate staircase that many drawers has put things to hide otherwise clutter the already crowded room,

The Amazing Innovative Malibu House – Airplane Transformed Minimizing The Materials

It is a plan of 747 pensioners, the impressive house in Malibu. The wings and stabilizers of the tail is used as the master of the roof of the hall. Make a roof of an Art Studio, regardless of the length of 50 meters in the first division. Housing: The roof is built from the [...]